An Experiential Review of


Gallant Suitor


by: Regina Jeffers

Experience one love wither while another blossoms…..

A delightful tapestry as intricately woven as lace…

Incited by the loss of Jane’s most promising suitor, an unpalatable, but respectable, offer is accepted to save the Bennet sisters from a future that resembles their mother’s past. 

The conditions of an unexpected, and, to some, unwelcome inheritance are reluctantly taken on as painful secrets make their way to the surface of the Bennet family’s understanding. Mrs. Bennet’s fears feel remarkably well-founded as we briefly explore her past suffering, and move into a new generation’s courtships.

Jane’s fate is now in the hands of someone who held the reputation of being a man who ruled his family with an iron fist, and our Elizabeth is not having it. Sparks of temper fly as Elizabeth’s love for her sister compels her to take on a man of consequence, fortune, and rank…only this time it’s not Mr. Darcy who provokes her ire.


torn apart

by novel circumstances & new revalations 

Years of intimacy and trust are shattered as disappointment, destiny, and unequal expectations begin to tear at an already fraying relationship.  A culmination of circumstances collides in such a way that they forge a new persona, ultimately leaving one of the sisters to question if she ever really knew the other. For Elizabeth, it may prove impossible to love the well-dowered version of a woman she had  so willingly loved without fortune or prospects.

Prepare yourself for a decidedly different Jane.


 a deliciously tempestuous courtship

Dear Reader, this book may be chaste but the sexual tension between these two is brilliantly done.

From the very first chapter, you feel a smoldering attraction between Darcy and Elizabeth, as they quickly move from an adversarial relationship to a tentative understanding that their intentions are the same.

Darcy would admit, if only to himself, a man could easily become accustomed to the liveliness of both the lady’s expressions and her mind.

Their flirtation takes center stage even as the world around them begins to crumble: relationships change, lies and secrets are exposed, fortunes fall, and for some, it’s all riding on a horse. Throughout it all, you can’t help but keep your eyes on the delightful dance between Darcy and Elizabeth, eager for the next step, or misstep between the two.

Elizabeth held the desire to love a man with all her heart and be loved in return—to hear him whisper his devotion in her ear….
“I am willing, Miss Elizabeth.” He caught her hand and brought it to his lips, placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles.
Your heart will soar as they come together, but this version of Darcy and Elizabeth will become firmly ensconced in your heart as the epilogue generously shares their future lives and all that they establish and accomplish together. You’ll be left with a heart-felt tear in your eye, and little hope of ever finding a conclusion that is as satisfying as this portrait of their lives together.


a delightfully flirtatious courtship with

Darcy & Elizabeth

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