A Frankness of Character: A Pride & Prejudice Variation by: Pemberley Darcy

An apology more offensive than an infamous insult.

A decidedly epic set down.

A gentleman left properly humbled.

An impertinent young lady provoked to civil disdain.

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Pemberley Darcy

Pemberley Darcy is the Author of A Frankness of Character: A Pride & Prejudice Variation. She writes JAFF, Darcy and Elizabeth variations, and is working on her next novel.

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“I spent an entire rainy day reading this, and will remember that day fondly, forever! I will never forget this story, The wording & storyline were excellent. It is also pretty funny at times. Ah, what an enjoyable experience. Thank you so much for sharing!”

-Dobby, Beta Reader

for A Frankness of Character


A Frankness of Character


“One of the best P&P variations! Very well written and parts of original book were used in really clever way :)!”

– Beta Reader, Adia

for A Frankness of Character by Pemberley Darcy


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