A Frankness of Character: A Pride & Prejudice Variation by: Pemberley Darcy

A murder mystery in the heart of Derbyshire.

A couple reunited without knowing where they stand.

A beloved and respected servant murdered.

The betrayal of a trusted friend.

Duty, tragedy, desire, and honor collide in this Pride and Prejudice Murder Mystery, An Appearance of Goodness by Heather Moll.


An Appearance of Goodness

by: Heather Moll

Thinking himself perfectly understood, Bingley creates a misunderstanding that delivers Elizabeth to Pemberley, surprising both her and Darcy. The atmospheric conditions mirror beautifully the dynamic between Darcy and Elizabeth; moody storms of misunderstanding, contrasted with bright rays of sunlight and clarity.  The weather ultimately develops into a character, wreaking havoc on the lives of everyone at Pemberley and setting the stage for everything to come. The tension and longing between the two is beautifully written; it was keenly felt but without too much angst, as we have the benefit of both their perspectives.

Elizabeth expects his resentment to be exceptional…… Darcy’s heart stops and his stomach plummets…… He wonders if she thinks him so resentful that he would turn her out…… He could hardly distress Elizabeth further by showing her any warm approval that would hint at his regard……..


floating in a stream

Darcy’s convinced it’s no accident.

Confronted with the possibility that one of his guests could be responsible, Darcy’s honor is tested. When reason, responsibility, consideration for the victim’s family, and even the fragile peace in the community is threatened -Darcy must decide where his responsibility truly lies. 

As we grow to love the Darcys more through their servent’s eyes, we come to respect and admire her in her own right as she displays self-assurance, delightful personality quirks, and decided opinions.

You begin to look forward to her perspective, and then suddenly, she’s gone.

Leaving you to feel the contradiction between the sting of the loss and the burst of relief, swiftly followed by the inherent guilt that comes with valuing one life over another.

She guiltily longed to know what at that moment was passing in his mind, and if affection for her was amongst his more pressing concerns about Pemberley.


tragedy forges a partnership

beautifully illustrating for our dear couple the life that they could have together.

As Darcy and Elizabeth work together to help the community and solve the murder, we’re treated to their mutual regard blossoming into a more mature relationship where respect and attraction develop into an enduring partnership, giving us a glimpse of what their lives will be like as a couple.

Together they face tragedy, financial devastation, natural disasters, a community on the brink of falling apart, and an unexpected betrayal.

Yet, these trails bring them together.

Experience the murder mystery with Elizabeth & Darcy

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