Help decide my next story!

Dear Reader,

I can’t begin to tell you what a dreadful state I’m in. I am nearly frighted out of my wits that I might never finish another novel. After the extreme vexation of writer’s block, I now suffer from writing several books— and at the same time—and have more story lines still in my head! I flat out refuse to start a fourth prior to finishing the second or the third.

I can get no rest neither by night nor by day.  To relieve me of my suffering some decision must now be made. I find it necessary to complete one before the other can be worked upon. The affront is intolerable; one WIP had all of my devotion before the other caught my eye. There is only one thing for it: A duel. You decide which novel shall have the distinction of being my next.

I shall, upon my honor, devote my self until it is finished. Unless, of course, writer’s block stumps me again, and the other plot reveals itself. But for now, I must put one of them away.

Which one is best suited to see an early grave?

My best wishes for your health and happiness,

Pemberley Darcy

The Field of Honor 

Infamy. Scandal. Visiting Relations.

Happily ensconced at Pemberley, Darcy & Elizabeth suffer the upset of  house party. The Bennets and Bingleys arrive as invited guests when Lydia, Lady Catherine and the Collins’ appear (and unasked too!).

Wickham is missing. Darcy leads the search.

Nothing could have prepared him for what he finds next. Wickham’s situation is so debauched that the scandal could overshadow Pemberley for generations to come.

Elizabeth is fighting her own battle with relations that refuse to accept her new position.

Can family ties cause Darcy & Elizabeth to repent their alliance?

Heart Break. Deception. Officious Interference.

Elizabeth Bennet has had enough. Upon confirmation from Colonel Fitzwilliam of Mr. Darcy’s interference she almost remains at the parsonage. Instead, she determines that the most affectionate, generous heart in all the world deserves to be defended. Allied with Lady Catherine, Elizabeth determines Darcy can have a taste of his own machinations.

No botched proposal. No Letter. No confession to Bingley. No elopement for Lydia.

Darcy’s every ordinary path to salvation is shut down. Will Elizabeth’s intervention turn the tides in Jane’s favor? If so, how do Darcy and Elizabeth find their way? What causes her to finally see the man beneath the arrogance and pride?

This one is closest to being completed.

Let me know in the comments which you’d like to see first.

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Check out A Frankness Of Character for something to read in the mean time. If you haven’t heard Harry Frost narrate it, you’re missing out. He did a brilliant job voice acting all of the subtle nuances.