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October 22-28th

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The Prize List

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Alix James/Nicole Clarkston

These Dreams  •  Rumors & Recklessness

Jayne Bamber

Handsome, Clever, & Rich •  Five Daughters Out at Once • Strong Objections to the Lady Madness in Meryton • Outmatched • A Sister’s Curse • NorthFanger

Christina Boyd / The Quill Collective Anthologies

Elizabeth: Obstinate Headstrong Girl • The Darcy Monologues • Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues • Yuletide • Rational Creatures

Karen Cox

Find Wonder in All Things •  I Could Write a Book • Undeceived • 1932 • Son of a Preacher Man

Laraba Kendig

Peacocks of Pemberley •  Darcy in Distress • A Fortuitous Fall

Debra-Ann Kummoung

Falling for Elizabeth Bennet  •    True Love Never Fails…  •  Remember, I Love You – Always  •  Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Surprise

Pemberley Darcy

A Frankness of Character

P.O. Dixon

Impertinent Strangers • A Lasting Love Affair • Bewitched, Body and Soul • To Refuse Such a Man

Benny Fife

Pride, Prejudice and Planets   •  The Turnspit Dragon: and other tales of the Blue Order (Jane Austen’s Dragons) • The Sailor’s Rest •  Of War And Love  • Miss Georgiana and the Dragon (Jane Austen’s Dragons 11)  •  The Dragons of Kellynch (Jane Austen’s Dragons Book 5) • Kellynch: Dragon Persuasion (Jane Austen’s Dragons Book 6) • Here There Be Dragons (Jane Austen’s Dragons 12) • A Proper Introduction to Dragons (Jane Austen’s Dragons 4)  • Dragons of Pemberley (Jane Austen’s Dragons 10) • Dragons Beyond the Pale Jane Austens Dragons 7  • Dragon Keepers’ Cotillion (Jane Austen’s Dragons Book 8)

Jessie Lewis


Harry Frost

A Man of Good Fortune • A Frankness of Character • Being Mrs. Darcy • Her Last Wish • Play with Fire • Tempt Me • A Consuming Love • Epiphany • Her Sisterly Love • Peacocks of Pemberley • Mr Darcy’s Runaway*  •  Memory House  •  When Summer Never Came

Heather Moll 

An Affectionate Heart • Loving Miss Tilney

L.L. Diamond

Endeavour to be Worthy • That Perfect Someone

Mary Alice Alexander

Clever Lass

Melanie Rachel

A Gentleman’s Honor  •  Transforming Mr Darcy

Melissa Anne

Responsibility and Resentment

Michelle d’Arcy

An Unpleasant Sort of Man

S. Neha

Her last words

Tiffany Thomas

A look Behind the Mask • When Summer Never Came

Timothy Underwood

Compromised Compromise • Colonel Darcy • Mr Collin’s Widow

Martine Jane Roberts

Mr Darcy’s Runaway*

Joseph P Garland

Becoming Catherine Bennet

Don Jacobson

Any from the Bennet Wardrobe Series •  The Sailor’s Rest

Jann Rowland

No Indignity So Abhorrent • Something More Substantial • The Mistress of Longbourn

Quills & Quartos Publishing

All That This Entails By: Noell Chesney

A Faithful Narrative By: Mary Smythe

A Folly of Youth

Against Every Expectation By: Paige Badgett

A Man of Good Fortune By: Ali Scott

A Wilful Misunderstanding, By: Amy D’Orazio

Being Mrs Darcy By: Lucy Marin

Bitter Mournings By: Linda Gonschior

Blinded by Prejudice By: KaraLynne Mackrory

A Match Made at Matlock By: Jan Ashton, Julie Cooper, Amy D’Orazio, Jessie Lewis

A Most Excellent Understanding By: Wade H. Mann

An Excellent Walker By: Lyndsay Constable

Any Fair Interference By: Nan Harrison

A Stronger Impulse By: Julie Cooper

Dare to Refuse Such a Man By: Mary Smythe

Disenchanted By: Kara Pleasants

Enduring Connexions By J Marie Croft

Epiphany By: Jessie Lewis

Fallen By: Jessie Lewis

Fearful Symmetry By: Gailie Ruth Caress

Flirtation & Folly By: Elizabeth Rasche

Forgotten Betrothal By: L.M. Romano

For the Deepest Love By: Mary Anne Mushatt

Her Sisterly Love By: Lucy Marin

In Sickness and In Health By Frances Reynolds

Love Unsought By: Kay Bea

Lover’s Knot By: Jenetta James

Lovers’ Meeting By: Catherine Lodge

Misunderstandings & Ardent Love By: Susan Adriani

More than a Pretty Face By: Frances Reynolds

Mendacity & Mourning By: Jan Ashton

Nameless By: Julie Cooper

Pride Before a Fall By: Mary Smythe

So Material a Change By: Amy D’Orazio

Some Natural Importance By: Jan Ashton

Suddenly Mrs. Darcy By: Jenetta James

Taken By: Mary Anne Mushatt

The Elizabeth Papers By: Jenetta James

The Luxury of Silence By: Susan Adriani

The Marriage Bargain By: Lucy Marin

The Mysteries of Pemberley By: Amy D’Orazio

The Seven Sins of Fitzwilliam Darcy

The Truth About Family By: Lucy Marin

The Unread Letter By: Kara Pleasants

There You Were By: Michelle Ray

The Warmth of Her Affection By: Elsie Fulbrook

The Recovery of Fitzwilliam Darcy By: Lucy Marin

Tempt Me By: Julie Cooper

The Memory House By: Jenetta James

‘Tis the Season By: Susan Adriani, Jan Ashton, Julie Cooper, Amy D’Orazio, Jenetta James, KaraLynne Mackrory, Lucy Marin, Elizabeth Rasche, Mary Smythe

Two More Days at Netherfield By: Heather Moll

Unfounded By: Jessie Lewis

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